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Amendment Of Requirements To Obtain Chilean Nationalization

Author:Mr Oscar Aitken and Monserrat Nova

On January 8th 2016, Law N° 20,888 was published in the "Official Gazette", which modifies Decree Law N°747 of December 15th, 1925. The revised text was granted by Supreme Decree N° 5.142 dated October 13th, 1960 of the Ministry of Interior, stating the new requirements for obtaining Nationalization:

Nationalization by Letter may be granted to foreigners who have turned 18 years old, have resided more than five years in Chilean territory and hold permanent residence. Nationalization by Letter may be requested by children of foreigners who have turned 14 years old, have resided in Chilean territory for more than five years, have the consent of their parent, guardian or legal custodian and have permanent residence. Minors under the age of 18, whose father or mother hold refugee status recognized by Chile may obtain Chilean nationality from the moment that at least one of their parents obtains the nationalization letter, without the need to fulfill any other legal requirements. Those born in Chile, who being the child of foreigners rendering services to their government, or children of nonresident foreigners, and opt to apply for Chilean nationality, based on Article5°, N° 1° of the Political Constitution, should do it by means of a declaration stating that they choose Chilean nationality. Said...

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