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Cooperation Between PTO And Police

Author:Moeller IP Advisors
Profession:Moeller IP Advisors

In April 2016, the National Institute for Industrial Property (INAPI) and the Chilean Investigations Police (PDI) signed a cooperation agreement aimed at strengthening the work carried out between both organizations and promoting the correct use of IP tools. The PDI is the main law enforcement body of the Public Ministry of Chile in criminal investigations.

The IP Crime Investigations Brigade (Bridepi) of the PDI was created in 2008. According to Héctor Espinosa, General Director of the PDI, the brigade undertakes investigation work to identify and remove IP infringers. "Our previous collaboration with INAPI and, from now, a formal cooperation agreement, is of vital importance, since there is an important information exchange and training between the two organizations. Most relevant is that the investigation against IP crimes is going to be more efficient, thus benefiting the country," stated Espinosa.

Maximiliano Santa Cruz, General Director of INAPI, highlighted the joint work of...

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