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Import From Chile And Taxes


In Chile equipment can be brought in, either definitely or for a couple of days or months.

If someone wishes to bring equipment for less than 6 months, then temporary entrance of the equipment is advisable, because you pay only a percentage of the duty and taxes you paid in a normal entrance. The downside of the temporary entrance is that if you for whatever reason want to leave the equipment in Chile definitely, the custom duties and taxes paid can not be credited to the payment due for the definitive entrance of the equipment.

The taxes that are levied when equipment enters Chile are VAT in amount of 19% and customs duties, which are in average 6% of the CIF - price. Chile has free trade agreements with a lot of countries including USA. So if the equipment is from the States usually custom duties will be 0%, if the equipment complies with the rules of origin agreed in the Free Trade Agreement.

In accordance to the Free...

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