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Pesticide's Registration In Chile

Author:Mr Brokering Abogados
Profession:Brokering Abogados

Before a pesticide can be commercialized in Chile, it has to undergo a lab analysis first. For this purpose, a foreigner can either create a new company or appoint someone here in Chile that will ask for the registration under his own name and afterwards transfers the registration to your company, when it establishes a brand here in Chile.

The documentation that has to be provided is as follows:

Formula (quantitative and qualitative) Monograph (including the active substance); physical and chemical characteristics, compatibility, toxicological properties; disinfecting action; application field; antidotes Any technical data might be considered as necessary for further information about the product. If it is an imported product, attach the authorization of the product for the purposes it is prequired in Chile from its original country, whether it be elaborated (ready for its commercialization) or the active matter, granted by the competent authority and properly registered with the official notary public in that country. Label format, which must include the formula of the product, preventive and sanitary recommendations for its usage, usage...

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