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Presidential Instructive On Cybersecurity

Author:Ms Paulina Silva

On October 25th, Chilean President, Sebastián Piñera, signed a bill on computer crimes, and issued a Presidential Instructive (instructivo presidencial) giving instructions to public bodies related to cybersecurity, including urgent measures that should be implemented immediately.

This latest announcement is in line with other measures implemented by the government, including the appointment of a national cybersecurity officer, Mr. Jorge Atton.

The emergency measures in the Presidential Instructive to public bodies are:

Appointment of a high level cybersecurity officer in each service, who must be independent of the institution's IT head. This measure is to be implemented within ten days of the presidential instruction's issuance. Application and updating of technical regulations on cybersecurity. The Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency (SEGPRES) will update or dictate the regulations on cybersecurity, electronic documents, network protection and information security. Internal cybersecurity measures. Each head of service must send a confidential evaluation of their computer risks, to the Coordination Center of Government Entities ("CCEG"), within a period of 60 days; together with the measures taken to address them and with a short term action plan to mitigate the identified risks. Detailed revision of networks, systems and digital platforms of public operation. The public administrative bodies that have critical infrastructure information should cooperate with the...

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