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Procedure For Food Imports In Chile



The import procedure of any kind of food involves the fulfillment of two requirements established by the Health Authority of the Metropolitan Region (known as "SEREMI de Salud R.M"):

1) Getting a Certificate of Customs Destination (known as "Certificado de Destinación Aduanera"); and,

2) Getting the Authorization of Use and Disposition of Imported foods (known as "Autorización de Uso y Disposición de Alimentos Importados").

Both applications may be approved or denied, depending on whether the imported foods comply or not with the current health regulations.


    It is a Resolution issued by the correspondent Health Authority, by which the imported foods entered to the country, and which authorizes the removal and transportation of the products, from the customs facilities to the warehouse or authorized deposit, where the products are going to be stored.

    The said certificate (Certificate of Customs Destination) must show the address of the warehouse, duly authorized, the Health Resolution, route and transportation conditions of the imported products.


      The Certificate of Customs Destination (CCD) must be requested at the correspondent Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Health (SEREMI) of the customs office by which the products were entered, through the form created for that purpose.

      As for the SEREMI of the Metropolitan Region, there are two ways to carry out this kind of procedures:

      1.1. AS DIGITAL

      1.2. Going to the Customer Service Offices

      Whatever the way you choose to obtain the CCD in the Metropolitan Region, the following documents are going to be requested by the Health Authority:

      Invoice of the product Copy of the Health Resolution of the authorized warehouse of destination Air waybill 1.1. AS DIGITAL

      In order to access to the Digital System of the Health Authority, you must go to the following address: using Google Chrome web browser.

      Once there, you should register, access with your password and select the option "Comercio Exterior" and then "Certificado de Destinación Aduanera".

      Fill all the information requested in the "Solicitud de Certificado de Destinación Aduanera" which is inside the option "Comercio Exterior" and select the CCD type for foods. After having filled all the data requested in the application, the system will deliver a receipt to make the payment.

      1.2. Going to the Customer Service Offices

      In order to obtain the CCD, you must concur to one of the following offices, from Monday to Thursday 9:00 to 13:30 hrs. and Fridays from 9:00 to 13:00 hrs.:

      Central Office: Avenida Bulnes # 194, Santiago.

      Office in Melipilla: Plaza de Armas # 550, Melipilla

      Office in Talagante: Esmeralda # 1177, Talagante

      Office in San Bernardo: Freire # 493, San Bernardo

      Office in Chacabuco: Av. General San Martín # 243 - 253, Colina

      Oficina in Cordillera Concha y Toro #...

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