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Request for Information Program in the Chilean Mining Industry

Author:Mr Rafael Vergara, Francisco Corona and Maximiliano Urrutia

By means of Decree No. 104, published in the Official Gazette on May 25, 2017, the Ministry of Mining passed the Regulations on the Delivery of General Information Obtained from Basic Geological Exploration Works (the "Regulations"), which contain the definitions, terms, conditions and proceedings to comply with the obligation to deliver to the National Service of Geology and Mining ("Sernageomin") general information regarding to basic geological exploration works.

The Request for Information Program (the "Program") applicable to year 2017 was issued by the Ministry of Mining by means of Exempt Resolution No. 1.753, published in the Official Gazette on July 19, 20171.

The Program will apply to requests for information made by Sernageomin between July 24, 2017 -date of entry into force of the Regulations- and December 31, 2017, with regards to basic geological exploration works conducted by informing entities that meet the following copulative requirements:

Temporary criteria: Having conducted basic geological exploration works between July 24, 2013 and July 24, 2017. Works terminated...

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