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Tax Incentives For Companies Rendering Services In The Punta Arenas Region

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There are a few laws that regulate the tax incentives for the Punta Arenas Region. This article only addresses those tax incentives, that are applicable for a legal entity providing services in the Punta Arenas Region.

  1. Importation of goods

    The importation of goods is levied a tax in amount of 2.8%. This amount paid can be used as a credit when the goods are taken outside the Region and the 1,7% can be used as credit for the VAT payments.

  2. Hiring local work force

    Until 2025 companies will receive a bonus from the State in amount of 17% of the workers' salary. This amount should not exceed $182,000 for each worker's salary. The workers should live and work in the Punta Arenas Region and the salary should exceed at least 20% the minimum salary, but should not be higher than 60 UF (approx. $1,320,000)

  3. Tax credit for corporate tax

    Companies rendering services in the Punta Arena's Region shall have a tax credit on the chattels belonging to the fix assets of the company, including equipment, machinery and/or buildings.

    If the price of the chattels is no more than 200,000 UTM (approx. $8,000,000,000) then the credit is 32%. Between 200,000 and 2,500,000 UTM is 15% and higher is 10%. Also the monthly provisional tax payment can be suspended, if they exceed...

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