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The Pacific Alliance: Creating Opportunities For Investors

Profession:TMF Group

A new briefing paper from TMF Group - The Pacific Alliance: creating opportunities for investors - examines the impact of this far-reaching trade agreement and how international businesses can best harness the potential of this vibrant, growing region.

"This is an incredibly exciting time for Latin American countries with the Pacific Alliance now allowing the region to do business with much larger world economies than would have be possible individually," explains Antonio Soler, Regional Director of Business Development at TMF Group.  "Historically, Latin America has been a complex region in which to do business, but the Pacific Alliance has streamlined and harmonised a number of key areas, resulting in regulatory reform, increased competitiveness and free trade, as well as fiscal transparency to facilitate the fight against transnational crime."  The Pacific Alliance was established in 2011, with the objective of collaborating to establish the free circulation of goods, services and people. The Alliance is currently comprised of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru but other countries may also soon look to join, including Costa Rica and Panama. Together, the Pacific Alliance now constitutes the world's 8th largest economy and the 7th largest exporting entity globally, with a growing relationship with countries in the Asia Pacific region in particular.  At the beginning of July, the Presidents of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru - with delegates from 42 observer...

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