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Third Meeting Of 'Talking With Clarke, Modet & Cº Chile'

Author:Clarke, Modet & Co
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"The creative industry will in the short term a roadmap at the country level with clear mechanisms of support, training and public funds to identify opportunities to patent and license products, processes and designs," said Figueroa in our meeting "Talking with Clarke, Modet & Cº Chile ".

Santiago, August 22nd, 2016: How big is the Chilean creative industry? Is there any interest in patenting and licensing local designs and creative processes? How can bring this sector to the economy, employment and GDP? To find the answers, we invite the Head of the Design of the National Council of Culture, Mr. Manuel Figueroa.

This is how our third internal communication meeting started. Soon interesting facts came out from the conversation: first, Figueroa said that "the creative industry in Chile is starting to show; It is an activity that we are measuring and already contributes 1.6% of GDP, through the emerging Orange Economy. As an example in the area of innovation has been the significant increase shown by the local software industry which places our country among the top ten Latin American exporter of video games. "

To support this still emerging but promising engine of the economy, the Ministries of Economy and...

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